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The Best Tips For Killer Getting-Ready Shots

Getting ready photos are often overlooked, but they are such a big part of your day! You’re probably spending half of your day getting ready, so why not put in a little time and effort into making sure your bridal suite is photo-ready?

Here are my eight best tips for nailing those Pinterest-worthy getting ready shots.

Tip #1 - Location Matters

Where you're getting ready is probably the most important of all. You can have the most beautiful dress, with your hair and makeup looking absolutely fire, but if you're getting dressed in a cramped, dimly lit room with yellow walls, you aren't doing yourself any favours.

Think big windows, white walls and clean lines. The quieter the backdrop, the bigger the impact of your portraits, as it shifts the attention from the floral bedspreads to your beautiful face.

If you don't have a traditional bridal suite at your disposal, I would recommend booking a cute Airbnb in the area. Or you could get creative and book a natural light studio or even a pretty restaurant or hair salon.

Tip #2 - Natural Light is Your Best Friend

Have you ever looked at a portrait of someone and wondered how they look flawless and even have a little twinkle in their eye? The answer is natural light. It's not hard to come by, but unfortunately it is often neglected.

Tip #3 - Keep It Clean

With so many people sharing a space, things are bound to get a little messy. And whilst I’m all for embracing the chaos of the day as part of the story, I think we can all agree that plastic cups and discarded undies don’t belong in bridal portraits.

In order to avoid a cluttered background, designate a specific room for everyone’s bags, makeup and toiletries to be stored in (even if you just shove it behind the bathroom door). You can easily make inevitable clutter a bit more gentle on the eye by removing any pillows and blankets with loud and distracting patterns from the beds, keeping food and platters in the kitchen, removing charging cables where they are visible and investing in reusable water bottles or matching mugs.

Tip #4 - Set the Mood

On one of the biggest days of your life, you want to be surrounded only by the people who are going to bring positive vibes, make you feel calm and relaxed and shower you with compliments all day long. I always recommend creating a getting-ready playlist and have music playing throughout the morning. You can start off with some lo-fi jazz to make you cool and calm and build up to your favourite 80's anthems to get the dance party going.

Tip #5 - Keep Some Moments Private

Pre-wedding jitters are real. You absolutely have the right to select only one or two people to help you get in your dress, for example your mom, sister or maid of honour. Make sure you let your photographer know on the day who you would like to have present for this intimate moment, so that they can kindly ask anyone else to wait outside for the big reveal. I can guarantee that the photos will be worth it.

Tip #6 - Make Time for Bridal Portraits

The first half of your wedding day is by far the most relaxed and slow-paced. Once your dress is on and the jitters start setting in, it’s a whirlwind of events and before you know it, you’re sitting at your reception table with a glass of bubbly in your hand. For this reason, I love to make time to get a few bridal portraits of you, while your hair and makeup is still on point and your mascara isn’t runny from all the happy tears.

Tip #7 - Snap a Few Lingerie Pics While You're At It

A full-blown boudoir shoot may not be for you, but I’m willing to bet that you’ve got one or two gorgeous pairs of intimates packed in your honeymoon suitcase. You’ve gone to all the trouble and paid top dollar for it, so why not show them off? I can guarantee your S.O won’t complain either.