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“But thy eternal summer shall not fade”.


You are young and alive. You are at home in your own skin and confident in who you are. This sweet and peachy season won’t last forever.
Why not document it?

You are HER

For too long the word ‘boudoir’ has had a bad rap for being associated with cheesy images of women in forced and awkward poses wearing fake pearls and feather boas. This is why I have rather coined the term HER, which alludes to a more fine art take on the genre, but with the same (if not stronger) undertone of feminine empowerment.

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Nudes aren't just for dudes

My aim is not only to do away with the negative assumptions surrounding boudoir, but also with the notion that it is solely meant for a brides-to-be. Don’t get me wrong, a little black book of sultry selfies is probably one of the most intimate gifts that you can give to your betrothed. But I want women to understand that they don’t need an excuse to celebrate their bodies.

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Let’s normalise getting nakey and having our pictures taken. We can do it in the privacy of your home, a natural light studio or a quiet beach at dawn. Whatever feels like you.

You and me baby. How 'bout it?

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