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“Romantic love has been distilled into algorithms of data where love is reduced to nothing more than the neurotransmitter dopamine, biochemically no different than an addiction to cocaine. Imagine that, right?” - Mura Masa



You must be in love.


To be in love is one of the most euphoric feelings in the world, almost intoxicating. Imagine if you could bottle it; that feeling of breathlessness, butterflies ricocheting against your insides, a deep warmth enveloping your bones, the sensation of your skin being set on fire. What a magical thing that we are able to relive those feelings because someone was there to document it.

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Your love, through my lens

I want to capture your relationship with the curiosity of an outsider and with the familiarity of an old friend. We can hang out in your backyard or on your kitchen floor, dip our toes in a rock pool, dance in the city streets, get lost in the dunes, hike up a mountain and soak up the sunrise - whatever feels like you.


Think about your partner. What made you fall in love with them? What makes doing life with them so marvellous? What are their little quirks and habits that you find weird, yet ridiculously endearing? I want these things to shine through in your images.

Photographs that move you

I have found that movement is one of the most effective ways to get people out of their own minds and into the present moment, which is why I love to make my couples do a lot of running, tumbling, dancing, laughing and cuddling. So get ready to get down and dirty, babe.

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