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Introducing the LUMINA Photography Retreat, a transformative experience designed to illuminate what sets you apart as an artist. The word "Lumina" means "the light," and this retreat is all about bringing to light your unique artistic vision.

Throughout my years as a photographer, I’ve noticed a significant decline in energy and creative inspiration that often follows a long and hard wedding season. Burnout for photographers is very real, and I wanted to create an opportunity for artists to unwind, recharge, and invest in themselves during the off-season. The goal is to help you feel renewed and inspired for your future projects.

The purpose of this retreat is to create an immersive experience, striking a perfect balance between structured educational sessions, free time, styled shoots for creative play, and ample space to connect and grow within a supportive community. From the slightest nuances in creative expression to the more distinctive characteristics of your art, let's uncover your greatest superpowers and how you can harness them to attract dream clients and shoot work that continually allows you to delight in your craft.

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Not only is Charné one of the most sincere people I've ever met, but she is talented beyond one's wildest imagination and an absolute treat to work with. I have loved going through my whole engagement journey leading up to our wedding day with her!

She has the ability to make you feel special and comfortable at the same time, while cracking a joke and making your whole day a memorable one! A beautiful person inside and out.

Danielle & Stephan
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