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You must have found your soulmate.


In a universe where almost everything can be measured by time, space and matter, the most magnetic phenomenon of all is human connection. It’s the ultimate paradox - our brains are wired for the one thing it can’t explain, measure or quantify: love.

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The beginning of your forever

People often ask me what I love most about shooting weddings and the answer may surprise you. No matter how far a couple strays from the beaten path of tradition, there will always be moments at a wedding that you can expect; almost predict. I relish this: The electric energy in the room as all rise for your entrance, your mother-in-law beaming as she comes in for a hug to congratulate you, your best man giving the you one last squeeze on the shoulder as you try to keep composed, the stolen glances between the two of you at the altar, as though time is standing still. The anticipation behind the camera as I wait for these little moments to inevitably unfold is thrilling and almost addictive.

What I bring to your wedding is a healthy dose of curiosity, intuition, spontaneity and soul, with a generous serving of silliness and sass. What I leave with is a tangible recollection of the fleeting moments that almost felt too surreal to fully take in. Whether you plan to exchange vows on a mountain top, boogie in your backyard, or throw a life-size celebration, I’m going to make damn sure that you have memories to look back on for the rest of your life.


Local weddings starting a R21 499

I offer all-inclusive wedding packages for both local and destination weddings. Coverage starts at 5 hours.

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Let’s meet up! We can grab margaritas, gush over your wedding plans, contemplate the meaning of life and gossip about your mother-in-law (just kidding). Or if you’re too far away, we can always hop on a Zoom call for a virtual coffee.


In order to make this epic love affair official, I’ll need a 30% booking fee from you and your digital signatures on my contract. And BOOM - your date is booked!

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